Sarah Jones - Los Angeles, CA

​“Gadis Carpet Cleaning delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

​SImone R. - Woodland Hills, CA

"I had a last minute renter come stay at my house, and I had Gadi come within 24 hours on a Sunday, mind you cleaning my very dirty carpet that hadn't been cleaned in over 2 years, with kids constant over the floor and a new puppy so you can imagine a lot of stains.
My carpet now looks incredible clean and job was done within 2 hours ( about 1000 square feet).
Very professional and reasonable priced.
Will definitely call back for more carpet cleaning!"

Chris J. - Los Angeles, CA

​"I called Gadi on a Saturday because I had seen his company show up on Living Social and he was there on Sunday getting the job done. He did a great job of cleaning all of our rooms. We have older carpet because we are in an apartment and he made them look good as new. He was very friendly and got the job done in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend reaching out to him when you need your carpets cleaned in the LA area."



Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles



Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles is highly skilled and have the equipment to help keep your home clean and healthy. Our certified technicians clean carpets, rugs and furniture of all shapes and sizes while ensuring they stay fresh and sparklingly new for a very long time by applying specialized treatment methods. 

Most homeowners are faced with the problem of having their home look more comfortable, better, cleaner and healthier. To increase the safety in your homes as a homeowner, making it look comfortable and convenient is essential. When it comes to floors, most homeowners opt for carpets because they are known to have unique features including eliminating slippery floors and beautifying the home. Carpet cleaning can be challenging depending on size, spills and dirt it amasses. For easy, fast and convenient way of cleaning your carpets, it is very important to hire the services of a reliable carpet cleaning company with close proximity to your area. If you are lucky enough to live within the Los Angeles metropolis, then you need not go through the stress of searching for a more reliable and professional cleaning specialists as Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles is here for you.


Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles offers excellent cleaning services for your carpets in your homes. Our steam cleaning method ensures your carpets get dry in a short time. Our cleaning methods are reliable and totally gets rid of those stains and particles from deeper within the carpet stack. We are a leading and certified carpet cleaner serving the entire Los Angeles area. Our clients do testify to the quality service we provide, and if you’d like to make your carpet cleaner and newer, call us today. Unlike other carpet cleaning specialists, our reputation is built on 100% customer satisfaction and professional workmanship. Why spend your leisure time on your hands and knees cleaning your carpets? Contact us today for a professional carpet cleaning service and get a fast, free and honest quote.


​Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles has been using the latest, technologically advanced equipment to deliver excellent carpet cleaning service to residents of Los Angeles for years now. At Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles, we offer:

  • Well trained, experienced and professional technicians
  • Reliable quotes
  • Money back guaranteed
  • Reliable, effective and efficient cleaning methods
  • Fast delivery
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Environmentally friendly green carpet cleaning products safer for every member of the family and even pets
  • Cleaner, safer and more comfortable homes 

Are you relocating into your newly completed home and wish to ensure a clean environment? Are you looking for ways to restore you carpets? Regardless of the situation you find yourself, if you truly want to have newer, cleaner carpets and sanitizing your environment, Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles is the number one carpet cleaning company for you. For a deep cleaning service that guarantees safe and healthy living for the entire family, you can rely on Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles. We offer highly experienced and professional technicians that ensure all your carpets are totally free from the myriad of bacteria, particles, stains and dusts it harbors. We service the beautiful city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. At Gadis Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles, we provide high quality, reliable and professional service at affordable pricing.