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The regular use of a carpet cleaning service can help extend the life of your carpet. Gadis carpet cleaning Los Angeles offers include: steam carpet cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and air duct cleaning. A carpet cleaning service can be scheduled and done relatively fast and efficiently. All you need to do is book and pay for your unique cleaning package by creating the list of items you want to clean and scheduling an appointment. Keep your home looking clean with much ease and your furniture as good as new and do not allow odors and stubborn stains to damage the look of your articles of furniture.

From the regular occupation of our homes, we produce a lot of air pollutants and contaminants including chemicals, dust and danger. Air duct cleaning eliminates the contaminated air circulating in the house, improves energy efficiency and improves the quality of indoor air. Over time, contaminants trapped in the ventilation system through normal use can affect its efficiency and lifetime. The house ventilation system, air ducts and blowers are effectively cleaned and vent covers taken out, cleaned and replaced. Signs that your house might require air duct cleaning include extreme amounts of dust in the house, recent flooding or water damage in the ductwork, temperature variations, dark filtration marks on ceiling, walls or carpet and dirty vent covers. 

Furniture cleaning is among the regular housekeeping tasks encountered. To keep your articles of furniture in proper condition and maintain their beauty, the same efficient steam cleaning method used for carpets can be applied. Start by examining your furniture to identify the suitable method. Pick an appropriate safe and effective furniture cleaning agent to clean your furniture with zero damage to its fabric. Furniture cleaning removes dust, dirt, and pollutants that get stuck in the crevices and spaces of your furniture. It also protects your upholstered furniture by improving resistance to liquid stains, dry dirt and general wearing out. 

Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles


Steam carpet cleaning is suggested for very heavily dirty conditions. Heated water is used with effective cleaning agents to apply uneven pressure, offering better outcomes for spills and pet problems. The main upside of this technique over other cleaning methods is that deep carpet cleaning can be achieved using solely heated water, sometimes adding dilute cleaning detergent solutions, thus eliminating the issues related to detergent remains in the carpet witnessed when using some methods. Such residue can cause dirt to stick to carpets, damaging the carpet. This method guarantees the safety of children and pets and normally, depending on surrounding conditions, drying takes up to 3-4 hours. This method is used by most carpet manufactures to perform regular cleaning and maintenance tasks. A proper carpet inspection is conducted to establish the most effective cleaning method and determine probable limitations and problems. Still, regardless of the cleaning method chosen, vacuuming is fundamental.

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